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Q: Which Save My Face Pillow is right for me?
If you are attached to your existing pillow, try the La Petite since it is meant to be placed on top of your favorite pillow. It measures 19' long x 10' wide x 2'in thickness. It is low profile, so as not to crook your neck when you add it to your existing pillow; yet high enough to suspend your face. The La Petite is more precise than the Le Grande; if you start out on your back and move your head from side to side, your face will be properly placed over the crescents and suspended. This model is also great for travel and fits nicely in your briefcase or travel bag. The La Petite can also be folded in half to create a single crescent, and offer cervical support. It promotes back sleeping, and is used post op when the neck and head must be comfortably stabilized, or to ease stress and tension in the neck and shoulder area at the end of a long and stressful day. However, if you experience painful ear syndrome, do not choose the La Petite, as the little arms, or appendages are more firm than the Le Grande, since the appendages are smaller. The La Petite slightly leads in sales and was the 'first born' in the Save My Face Pillowette family!

The Le Grande may be used by itself if you do not need 'a lot of pillow'. The Le Grande joins the La Petite in it's versatility and can be used on top of a low profile pillow like a feather down. It is bigger and fluffier than the La Petite! Many people visually go for the Le Grande because it is so fluffy - they grab it and hug it! It is recommended for 'true side sleepers' - meaning those of you who start out on your side. It is designed for those of you who like to clench the end of the pillow while you sleep. For those of you who experience painful ears while sleeping choose the Le Grande Pillowette. It does not profess to relieve the problem since part of your ear helps to support, but would be your pillowette of choice. Since there is more mass in the center of the pillowette, it is not as precise as the La Petite. If you start out on your back, then move your head from side to side, your face could come in contact with the pillow - you must scoot to the edge with this pillowette - but it is well worth it! The crescent openings are the same size as the La Petite, however, appear smaller because of the larger size of the appendage. The appendages are pliable so you can pull it down away from your chin area. The Le Grande Pillowette is helpful if a person is bedridden for any reason and is recovering and must remain on their back for a length of time. It may be placed lengthwise down the center of the back between the scapula and is very comfortable when one must be elevated.

Q: What are the pillowettes filled with?
All pillowettes for home use are filled with an exclusive pure synthetic fiber that is hypo-allergenic and can be machine washed and dried as often as you like. It is so pure that dermatologists and skin care specialists recommend it by name. The fill is milled several times to keep it fluffy and has a one year warrantee against flattening out. All pillowettes are surrounded with a 200 thread count, 100% cotton, flame retardant fabric. (In case of fire, use your Save My Face Pillowette to shield you!)

Q: Can I use my own pillowcase on the Save My Face Pillowette? A: NO. The web that is created over the crescents will cancel out their face saving benefits. Not only that, but the extra fabric will cause crinkled fabric marks on your face.

Q: I thrash around a lot in my sleep, how do I know I am going to stay on my pillowette?
Good question. Usually when one falls asleep, you sleep fairly deep for maybe the first couple hours. Then you wake up, use the restroom, re-position your Save My Face Pillow, and fall back asleep. I would say that even if you tossed your pillow sometime in the middle of the night that at least you've gotten half your sleep time in the proper position!

Q: What if I am still waking up with sleep lines?
A: Three things could be causing you to be waking up with sleep lines and to say that the pillowette is not working. That you are not completely over the crescents. For some people having their face free from contact with their pillow is a foreign feeling! Make sure that you have moved your face so that your face is totally exposed. Your ear should be your support along with your forehead and chin. You are pushing your base pillow up through the crescents canceling them out. Your head is too heavy for the La Petite and you need to switch to the Le Grande Pillowette or my favorite, use the La Petite on top of the Le Grande.

Q: Where can I buy Save My Face Pillowette?

A: Buy online at savemyface or call 0113 281 7711.

Q: Can I pay by cheque/postal order
To pay by cheque/postal order please enclose payment made out to Focalserve Ltd send to:
4 The Crescent 
LS16 6AA

United Kingdom

Q: When can I expect my order to arrive?
A: The orders are currently running at about 3-4 days maximum for UK orders, if it takes any longer to arrive, please call 0113 2817711.

Q: Are there any retail stores in UK? If not do you deliver?
A: Please select the 'Where to Buy' tab on the main menu. For mail order call 0113 2817711.

Q: What is Save My Face Pillowette shipping and returns policy?
A: We offer the following shipping service:
Shipping anywhere in the UK is £4.50

Worldwide shipping is available at the following costs:

1 - 2 products = £6.95
2- 3 products = £8.95
4 or more products = £12.95

Please note: We do not ship to P.O. Box addresses. You must provide a physical shipping address when placing your order.

I do not feel comfortable ordering online, what is my alternative?

You may order over the phone by calling +44 (0)113 2817711

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Exchange / Return / Refund Policy

If you wish to cancel/return a product you have purchased on www.Save My Face.co.uk  you may do so providing the item is unused and in a saleable condition within 7 working days of delivery.

Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulations 2000

Faulty items can be fully refunded or exchanged. Items must be returned to us in original condition - labels intact and the item unused and unwashed. If we receive an item for an exchange or return that we do not feel meet our hygiene and health criteria, we reserve the right to refuse these items If you need to return or exchange an item, simply send an email, within 14 working days of receiving your order providing the following details:

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We cannot accept responsibility for the damage or loss of packages or products sent back to us. We recommend that you select recorded or special delivery and retain your proof of postage/tracking details.

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