It does really work well with my skin and my makeup applies well on top of it and since using Vitamin C serums I do think I have seen a big improvement in my skin – I do still get outbreaks but not as many and I think my skin is looking more even. I think this is a good product and being a blogger I do get sent lots of stuff to try, this however I will be using every single drop of. That’s a testament in itself ! - Oct 2017

I've been using the serum as a part of my morning skincare routine for over 3 weeks and I'm happy to see that my skin is loving it, it hasn't caused any irritation and I can see some of my very persistent hyperpigmentation on my forehead getting less visible and my skin more radiant.  The Proaura offering is definitely worth checking out - Oct 2017

The Proaura Vit C + Astaxanthin played well with my skin, no irritation or acne. I believe it helped with general brightening.  The Serum has a good formulation- there are no ingredients that I would wish to avoid for any reason, and contains a couple of brilliant antioxidants. If you’re looking for an antioxidant boost for your skincare regime, Proaura 20% Vitamin C + Astaxanthin Serum is a good option. - Oct 2017

Vitamin C skincare will keep your complexion bright all winter - Proaura’s Vitamin C Serum. Oct 2017

My skin actually feels refreshed and the texture feels really soft and my skin is glowing, I really wouldn't say if this wasn't the case, I am very truthful and love skincare and i was so glad to try this. - Sept 2017

I have been using the product for two weeks which is quite a short amount of time to see any dramatic changes, you would think but you”d be wrong I’ve been surprised to see the difference in my skin. The Proaura Vitamin C Serum is a great addition to my daily routine and I love it! Especially as it has such noticeable results that I can see and feel, a rarity when it comes to anit-aging merchandise. - Sept 2017

I have really enjoying using this Proaura Vitamin C Serum and it actually gives such good results, at least i can see and feel a difference in my skin, my skin feels like it's in the best condition it's been in. - Sept 2017

Proaura Vitamin C Serum- I definitely feel a difference.  I absolutely noticed immediate results in the first few days, so this ‘3 day promise’ is not a lie.  I’m genuinely happier with the overall appearance of my skin and that is saying something.
Labellemama - Aug 2017

Skincare brand Proaura has unveiled a revolutionary new Vitamin C anti-ageing serum

PR web - Aug 2017

Astaxanthin as an antioxidant is  60 times stronger than Vitamin
BBC Documentary - April 2017

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